True Colors Party - Meet Singles With Similar Interests

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Saturday, February 15 2020 8:00 PM 11:00 PM EDT

The New York Social Network Glow Party is a clever and unique and new way to navigate the singles social group party scene and instantly connects you with like minded people. We use our glow bracelet color coding system as just one of the ways for you to identify and instantly connect with others who have the same interests as you, that saves a lot of  time on conversations that wind up leading nowhere!  We'll  also have several fun activities that will get you to mix and mingle with over 100 NYC Professionals just like you! We'll have members from over 20 different social networking groups participating so you can find out what else is going on for NYC Professionals across the city.

What to expect:

Over 100 NY professionals coming together to mix, mingle network and connect ages 20's-40's.
The entire room reserved exclusively for NYSN and their partner social groups.
2 Separate ice breaker games with prizes and our color coded system for finding like minded people.
A specialty drink at a discounted price.
NYSN Hosts on hand to welcome you and introduce you to others at the event.
Music played at conversational levels.

How Does It Work?:  When you arrive you will choose 3 different colored glow bracelets that each represent an interest of yours (i.e: Green=arts and literature, Red = outdoor activities, Blue = sports & fitness, Yellow = travel, etc).   Once you step into the room you will see people right away that have the same interests as you  Later in the night we'll have two others activities that will further get you to connect with other like minded professionals

d look your best.