Speed Socializing for 40's & 50's Professonals

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Wednesday, March 11 2020 6:30 PM 9:00 PM

Let's face it even through Speed Dating can be a little corny, it is a great way to meet a ton of potential dates in a short period of time.  Why not take that concept and apply it to making friends and connections in other ways?  Join us for this fun and interesting evening where you will meet more people in 60 minutes than you could meet in a whole month on your own! Our Speed Socializing Party is designed to be perfect for people who are new to the city, tired of their current social circles, looking for new friends and connections, share common interests or maybe even make business connections.  The night will feature ice breaker games with prizes and several rounds of speed socializing. .Here's how it works:

Arrive between 6:30pm-7pm for registration and your code name and number.
Everyone will be given a "Social Sheet".  This is where you can jot down the name and code numbers of those you want to share your info with. This is the only way that you will be expected to exchange info during the event.
To get things going we will have an ice breaker game to liven up the atmosphere.
Following that we'll have everyone head to the Common Interests Corner (a quirky way of putting people with common interests together).
Finally, we'll start our Speed Socializing rounds where you will randomly socialize with at least 15 people for 3 minutes each using both prepared and your own questions that will help you find people you may want to stay in contact with.    Please note that you will be paired with both men and women.
When the socializing rounds are finished you can stay at the bar and continue conversations with the people you met.


You may give your personal or professional info to someone but you CAN NOT ask for someone else's.
No last names.
No asking someone for a date (you can do this at a later time if you find you have that type of connection). This just takes the pressure off everyone.
If you are there to sell real estate, promote a pyramid or ponzi scheme or ask inappropriate questions you will be asked to leave.