Murder of The High Wizard Whodunnit Mystery Party. LGBQT Professionals & Allies 25-45

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Thursday, January 31 2019 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Think of Murder Mystery Parties as a happy hour glowup.  There will be mingling and cocktails and food, but all guests will be doing their best to figure out the identity of the killer!

Light appetizers
Game licensing fee
Host fee
Bar gratuity
Admission does not include drinks.


  • This event is for LGBQTprofessionals and LGBQT allies ages 25-45.
  • Food will be served during check-in from 7pm until gone.


The College of Wizards investigates a shocking event.


Your guests will be playing the roles of wizards and faculty of the prestigious College of Wizards.


The body of High Magus Wilburton was discovered this morning. It appears he died late last night, the night of a full moon. His body was discovered by the College’s head of security, who has gathered the faculty here today to solve the murder.

Solving the Mystery:

High Magus Wilburton’s death is only the latest in a series of deaths and disappearances that have occurred around the college in recent weeks. Could it have something to do with the enigmatic artifact brought to the college by Herr Himmelmorder, or is there something even more sinister at play?