Saturday Night Social - 40s - 50s Members CANCELED

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Saturday, June 29 2019 7:30 PM 9:30 PM

Tired of going to parties where the age range stretches from 20's to 50's? What do you say people who didn't grow-up with an iPhone glued to their hand? How do you find the people that know who Dave & Maddie are or Who Shot JR? You can talk to anybody about anything, but sometimes it's nice to be around people that don't stare blankly at you when you talk about how "in your day" people actually called you on the phone to ask you out. This age-specific mixer is designed to help you meet, flirt, or network with people who share similar experiences.  If you create a Metyah profile, you can message anyone you fancy after the event. (Not required.)

Admission includes light appetizers, Metyah Messaging platform so you can stay in touch after the event without giving out personal contact info &  host/bar fee.

Appetizers served in two shifts -Food will likely be gone by 8:15pm.

Appetizers served - Artichoke dip, flatbread pizzas, truffle fries

Age Range is 40+ only. (One or two years older/younger is fine.)